• Tanker


    An innovative solution for your bulk liquid transportation requirements.

    The poly tank has full height internal baffles across and lengthways to reduce product movement and is constructed from UV stabilised polyethylene plastic.

    The trailer is designed so that the tank is separate from the main chassis, enabling the unit to flex without causing stress cracks between tank and chassis, which can occur with the stainless steel tank trailers.

    The construction of the poly tank is very sturdy. The make-up of the plastic allows it to give if required. The tank walls are 20mm thick so there are no issues of it breaching and losing the carted product.

    We are able to tailor make these trailers to suit your intended products and volumes that you need to cart. With several pump options to suit, petrol/diesel engine or hydraulic driven available.

    Tare weights as low as 6750kg when fitted with York Duratrac air suspension and Con-met lightweight drum brake axles.

    • Various axle and suspension options to suit your budget.
    • Available in B Double, Pocket road train and C train combinations.

    These are also made completely in house including the tanks, making it a fully Western Australian manufactured product.

    Optional features available please contact us to discuss further.

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