Base Fabrications is able to build you a dolly to suit your requirements be it single, tandem or tri axle.

With multiple suspension and axle configurations available we are able to build it for the intended job you want and build it to last.

With the above and the latest technologies we can keep tare weights down to increase profits and reduce down time caused by breakdowns

Standard Features:

  • Fabricated sandwich style chassis
  • High tensile Domex 700 steel construction
  • Fabricated front quarter guards
  • 90mmx90mm SHS A Frame on the diamond for tri axle dollies
  • 75mmx75mm SHS A Frame on the diamond for single and tandem axle dollies
  • Bolt on rear light box
  • 3 leaf underslung suspension
  • 90mm Ballrace
  • 3.5inch turntable
  • Hella LED lights
  • Drum brakes with parallel bearings
  • 11R22.5 Tyres fitted to steel rims
  • All rubber guards
  • ADR approved brake kit and yard release
  • Long vehicle signs
  • Laser wheel alignment
  • Sandblasted to grade 2 and painted in 2 pack paint


  • Air Suspension
  • Rear mounted shocks on air suspension for increased stability
  • Aluminium Hub Axles
  • Disc Brake Axles
  • Axle lift on air suspension setups for increased fuel economy and tyre wear when empty
  • Metallic Paint
  • Hubodometer
  • Remote grease line bank
  • Wiring to DG specifications
  • Plastic Guards
  • Low height drawbars
  • Low height 5th wheel for special applications
  • RHS dolly chassis
  • Convertor dollies for low loaders and special applications

We are happy to discuss your requirements for other options.

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