Base Fabrications has the solution for your special and innovative project.

As an example of a project put to work and now selling, we have developed the Agliminator to handle all your seeding and fertiliser requirements so you can get the most from your day. The trailer contains a capacity of 20 tonnes of Wheat, 16 tonnes of Granular fertiliser, 10000L of  Flexi N and also 2000L of Diesel. It is an all in one concept to deliver the seeding rig all of its needs over a 24 hour period.

The trailer is made fully of high tensile Domex and Hardox to give the ability to handle the extreme weights. The configuration is legal if road registration is required and can be used in road train configuration. Suspension is heavy duty 9 leaf spring suspension and the tyres upgraded to 295/80 22.5.

Internal of the bin we offer a Polyurea coating to keep the internal free of rust and to ensure the long term life of the trailer isn’t affected from granular fertiliser.  There is a full ladder system to access the bin splits if required.

The hydraulic system is controlled from a one valve bank making it simple and user friendly. All hydraulic motors and components are of high quality and no expense has been spared in this department. Prime mover hydraulics can be used, but restricted to the oil flow available, a 65hp diesel motor and hydraulic pump is fitted to achieve maximum output.

2 x 10 inch augers which are full length and designed to go over the largest air seeder boxes, the stand out feature is they’re on a ball race assembly that allows slewing to multiple boxes without having to move trucks or augers manually. This is all controlled through a radio remote control with several features for the auger controls. Bidirection is achieved from valve bank and is a great feature for cleaning between grain varieties. The augers are extremely user friendly for clean out and the trailer contains hydraulic controlled bottom discharge doors.  As they are one piece they’re extremely safe and do not allow any moisture into the augers. Augers are manufactured with stainless flighting and barrels, with the inner auger being able to operate separately we can also load directly into an auger hopper for on farm storage.

The Flexi N Tank is a custom poly design. Flexi N can be delivered either by a Honda motor or hydraulic, depending on the hydraulic system chosen, feature offered is on/off through remote also allowing ease of operation while you’re tending to their needs.

The diesel tank is a custom poly tank to fit in the front of the trailer. It has a camlock fast flow bottom fill and the delivery pump being electric and automatic shut off. With a 2000l capacity it covers a full fill if required.

Optional features available please contact us to discuss further.

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